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Watch Snob

Watch Valet Tray

Watch Valet Tray

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Watch Snob is a brand that offers luxury and exclusive products designed for watch enthusiasts. The Watch Valet Tray is an excellent choice for organising your watches, wallets, jewellery, keys, and many other personal items.

The outer leather-coated trays of this product are handmade and carefully designed to provide a soft and protective surface for your watches and wallets.

The Watch Valet Tray offers 5 different color options:

Black - Dark Blue - Baby Blue - Dark Purple - Yellow

These trays are ideal for organizing your watches and wallets in a neat manner. You can securely place your watches, protecting them from scratches and damages. It also keeps your wallets organized and easily accessible, maintaining order.

The Watch Valet Tray from Watch Snob is an accessory that enhances the elegance of your homes or offices. With its functionality and style, it stands out as a great choice not only for yourself but also as a gift option.

Watch Snob's Watch Valet Tray is a product that combines superior quality and elegance, offering it to watch enthusiasts and fans of stylish accessories. By experiencing this product, you can choose Watch Snob to organize your watches and wallets in a tidy manner.


Material : Genuine Leather
Size : 21,5 x 18 Cm


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